Listening’ to our patients is key to understanding their needs

A patients husband suggested that his wife get a psychopharmacology assessment, he felt she wasn’t getting any better. After discussing her options for an antidepressant with the Psychiatrist, she preferred to think of alternatives to medication.The Psychiatrist insisted that she go on medication and would probably need to be on Prozac for the rest of her life.

She was very upset, she felt minimized by him, as though she had no rights and knew nothing about her body. We had a follow up session and discussed what her alternatives where, my patient and I structured a, not medication treatment plan to see if her depression lifted. The plan included, good diet, exercise of her choice and weekly sessions with me.

I empowered her to tune in to her needs and to express them to the people around her. 3 months later she was able to decrease her depression without medication.

It’s very important to ‘hear’ what our clients needs are, helping them feel in control will help them feel less helpless and aid in their progress and recovery.