Nicoletta Pallotta, MD, LCSW-R

CEO. Mentor. Women’s Advocate.

Counselor, Therapist, Social Worker, we all chose this career because we want to help people. I know i did. I wanted to work with women and help them learn how to avoid continuing the destructive cycle of their family system.

I was confident that this was my strength and decided that a women’s mental Health private practice would be the best way for me to reach the women in need and achieve my own professional goals.

Initially i wasn’t overly concerned with the financial side of growing a business, but I had bills to pay and a family to provide for. I learnt the hard way about all aspect of growing a private practice; getting patients, getting paid, growing the practice, managing staff, marketing.

Whether you are just starting out or want your practice to grow to the next level, it is difficult to know what you don’t know. I now focus part of my practice on supporting young therapists realize their professional dreams, through clinical supervision, leadership and mentor programs.

I have over 35 years of extensive experience in women’s mental healthcare, I am the Founder and CEO of a successful and profitable private practice in New York State and New Jersey. I am Founder and CEO of an established, community focused Article 31 mental health care practice in Brooklyn NY. Combined, I employ over 220 Counselors, scheduling more than 12,000 patients per month.

I make sure I am present and available for my team as well as our clients. I work closely with all my staff on a regular basis, ensuring our work environment is based on mutual well-being, positive workplace relationships, collaboration, efficiency and employee health, as well as making sure the patient care we deliver is both comprehensive and flawless.

“Her ongoing commitment, passion and dedication to helping all women, continues to distinguish Dr Pallotta at the forefront of Women’s Mental Healthcare.”