Growing your practice by seeing more and more clients is exhausting

Having a full practice, seeing 6 to 8 clients a day, your cancellation rate has gone down, your clients are making progress – none the less, you are feeling exhausted!

What does your practice look like? Some cases are more exhausting then others, for example, Borderline Personality Disorders can be difficult to keep up with, sometimes with rapid mood changes, thinking patterns, testing behaviors and possible suicidal ideations. Balancing your case load with different situations such as relationship issues, depression or anxiety can be less draining.

The day-to-day management of private practice can also be taxing – handling billing and administrative issues or planning to do a presentation for marketing purposes, which takes you out of your comfort zone.

Balancing you time in private practice is challenging; recognizing your triggers is important for selfcare.

Creating a well-balanced practice needs commitment, insight and experience. Why go at it alone? Having an experienced Mentor to work with will help you navigate all these issues and pit-falls, while helping you to think about how you would like your practice to look and help you reach your goals both professionally and emotionally…