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Questions to ask yourself when considering working with a Mentor

What is it that you are trying to achieve?
What are you doing that is helping you get there?
What are you doing that is preventing you from getting there?
Where do you feel you need the most help?
Counselor, Therapists or Social Worker, we all chose this career because we want to help people. I know i did. I wanted to work with women and help them learn how to avoid continuing the destructive cycle of their family system.
I was confident that this was my strength and decided that a Private Practice would be the best way for me to reach the women in need and achieve my own professional goals.

Initially i wasn’t overly concerned with the financial side of growing a business, but I had bills to pay and a family to provide for. I learnt the hard way about all aspect of growing a private practice; getting patients, getting paid, growing the practice, managing staff, marketing.

Whether you are just starting out or want your practice to grow to the next level, it is difficult to know what you don’t know. I have built a 6-figure practice, with 5 locations and a waiting list that never ends.

Now I want to help other ‘Women in Psychotherapy’ realize their professional dreams, grow their business and experience the rewards.

My Mentor Program is designed to do just that…

Do You Need a Mentor?

Do you really need a Mentor if you’re a practicing clinician with your own private practice? The answer is a resounding 'yes' because there’s always someone who has made it a little further down the same path that you’re on.

What do you need from a Mentor?

A Mentors can help you develop your leadership skills, expand your business and industry knowledge and offer guidance and support. You'll gain valuable advice from a more experienced person, and maybe profit from their professional networks.

Am I the right Mentor for you?

'How can I help / where do you need the most help?' As your Mentor I bring particular strengths, relationships and learning resources to the table. Together we will determine your short and long term goals, how best achieve them and implement an educated path to grow your private practice.

What to expect from your Mentor

I will help you identify what is it that you are trying to achieve, develop a path to get there, provide emotional and professional support and ultimately help you grow a successful and profitable private practice.

What i bring as your Mentor

35 years of extensive experience in women’s mental healthcare, growing a successful & profitable private practice.

My ongoing commitment, passion and dedication to helping women, distinguishes me at the forefront of Women’s Mental Healthcare.

You’ll go from confusion to ‘clarity & confidence’. I’ll connect you with other professionals and provide access to a wealth of business resources.

Having a Mentor will keep you accountable to your goal of growing your own successful and profitable practice.

Founder and CEO of BCS Group.

I work closely with all of our staff on a regular basis to ensure our patient care is both comprehensive and flawless. We see over 3000 patients per month.

2018 Mentor Program

$1900 for 3 months

Monthly 1-hour call or Video chat
Weekly emails
Invitation to join the annual Mentor Lunch 

General career advice
Identify what direction you would like your private practice to take.
Setting short and long-term goals.
Organize your thoughts, create a plan.
Work on key steps to grow your practice.
Specific advice on how to run and operate a private practice,.
Ongoing support with problem solving.
Supervision with client issues.
How to attract and retain patients.

Career & life balance
Balancing career and home life.
Assistance with feelings of isolated and getting through it.